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There are thousands of consulting services companies in the industry today. Some are reputable. Others make outlandish claims simply to get their foot in the door only to keep you in the dark and eventually underwhelm you with lackluster results.

So, why should you consider Circle Oak Software for your next project?

We at Circle Oak Software use a disciplined approach to our consulting services punctuated by honesty, professionalism, and a proven track record. Before a project begins, we’ll meet with you to first understand your business objectives. This is the first step in setting expectations and keeping you apprised throughout the full project life cycle.

Next, we’ll analyze your current systems infrastructure and determine how it currently supports those business objectives. Identifying the real business problems of your software systems is the most important step in the process. Then we identify and prioritize future initiatives that will provide the appropriate return on investment for your business.

Once the priorities have been set, we’ll work closely with your business and information systems stakeholders to define the specifics of each initiative’s requirements. Upon agreement, only then do we begin designing, developing, testing, and installing the appropriate solution—onsite or at our company offices.

By choosing Circle Oak Software, you’ll always know the status of your project. And, in the end, you’ll have the software solution your business needs to gain a measurable return on investment.

Our Customers

Circle Oak Software has helped many large and mid-size companies achieve their business and information systems objectives with a set of customized software development and consulting services. Is your business experiencing any of these common problems? We can help you.

  • Outgrowing your current Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Financials, or Payroll system.
  • Committed to a large-scale commercial software system that doesn’t cover all of your business requirements and you are under pressure to bridge the gap.
  • Frustrated with the shortage of technical and project management expertise needed to complete your current strategic software systems initiatives.
  • Struggle to provide your customers, employees, and trading partners with access to vast amounts of data assets.
  • Need help evaluating and implementing a commercial software system and defining and mapping business requirements to an appropriate solution.
  • Suffer from operational inefficiencies and seek help analyzing and assessing how software technology can resolve this problem.
  • Unsure how to integrate the newly purchased software system into your existing web software systems (internal and external).

Let Circle Oak Software help you overcome these problems.

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